In the Asian culture, the bamboo tree is planted after the soil is well prepared. After planting, all the plant growth takes place under the ground.

Every year the tree is fertilized, cultivated and watered without achieving visible growth. Suddenly, in the fifth year, the bamboo tree grows to reach thirty meters in just six weeks. Like bamboo, Expansoo proposes a methodology to grow sustainably.

You have a seed (business idea) that is growing where you planted it. You plan to plant more seeds like yours in new places (export). We help you figure out where and how.

Maybe if your seed is giving good results you are interested in creating a forest and franchising your business model, or you are already in the growth phase and you want to expand the forest. Either way, we accompany you to keep growing intelligently.

My seed wants to grow

Before the growth stage I must know whether I have a good, profitable business. In this phase, we will complete a diagnosis of the market and the company itself as well as a review of both the business model and the conceptual and economic viability.

My plants is going to grow

This is the phase in which I should know where to export my business and how. The expansion plan and strategy will be carried out, these are critical phases to consolidate your business both national and international territory.
Ready to grow your business?

Shall we create a forest?

This phase is born from the need to find tools to grow intelligently. During this period the franchise strategy and model, the franchise plan, the incorporation of the franchisees, the selection of the locations and finally the Project management and monitoring of works will be carried out.

Shall we grow the forest?

Now that I have exported it, I need support to ensure my growth. In this last phase the consultancy of the franchise network, training and Real Estate negotiations will be carried out.