What is Expansoo?

What is Expansoo?

Since our foundation, in 2016, our mission has been to guide, accompany, and advice prestigious brands in their expansion process, both national and international. Our model is inspired by bamboo’s growth. A plant that is fertilized and watered for years without visible growth, and then suddenly grows up to thirty meters in height, in only six weeks.

What is Expansoo and the Intelligent Growth? and what is Expansoo’s role for brands in the expansion process.

We become integrated with the brand as their expansion department. In reality, we are an externalized department but our integration is the same as an internal team. With the added advantage of having at your disposal a full team of experts in expansion. 

We offer a great variety of services to brands:

  • First phase: brand expansion strategy, design and creation of store concept. Definition of a scalable model.
  • Brand Expansion: prospect, negotiation and signing of location, franchise, national and international masterfranchise, wholesale.
  • Post-opening or implementation: enforcement of agreements, management of selling point and stores

We work with over 20 brands from the fashion, catering, beauty and decoration sectors. We successfully carry out strategies of owned stores, franchises, master franchises and wholesale.  

Our work methodology, The Intelligent Growth, consists of “agile” expansion process and strategy, effective from the go. In our portfolio, we have various examples of success accumulated at both national and international level. 

Brands such as Blue Banana, Scotta 1985, Singularu, or Friking, are some of brands that managed to expand into franchise, masterfranchise, corner stores and owned stores. Additionally, we have completed operations worldwide: in Europe, the US, Latin America and Asia. Find out more about our success stories in our blog. 

Our team and experience

Our team is our differentiating factor, and the key to our success. We have a team of 15 professionals with over 25 years of experience in expansion departments for prestigious brands, in different sectors associated with retail. A senior team in expansion of owned stores, franchises, masterfranchises and wholesale, both national and international, with exhaustive knowledge of the market at the service of the best expansion strategy for our brands. 

If you want to learn more about us, do not hesitate to cantact us via our contact form. 

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